Bleep the Bat tells all

In the early days we hired artist Jeff Laclede to draw our mascot, who turned into a bat we named Bleep. Jeff took the project and ran, providing a variety of poses and expressions that we’ve used over the years to explain concepts and present announcements.

Comic transcript

Most websites are what you’d call “random access.” Readers can jump from page to page in any order they want … from home, to products, to contact, to products, to related products. They can tap any link they please.

The Grawlix CMS is different. It encourages readers to tap from one page to the next, in order, by arranging its web pages like pages in a book.

Of course, there is a little random access. Readers can stop at any time and jump to a “static page.”

Static pages hold content that doesn’t belong to your story’s narrative, like pages for your FAQ, About the Artist, Shopping, etc.

We’ll talk more about those later. Right now I want to tell you about the keys to Grawlix: comic pages and chapters.